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Q: Who is eligible for the NYMGMA RPG discount on a MLMIC medical professional liability insurance policy?

A: Eligibility criteria for participation in the RPG includes:

Physician membership or employment in a group practice whose respective administrative staff are active member(s) in the NYMGMA RPG’s requisite organization, NYMGMA.

Physician applicants are also required to have universally better than average claims experience, which will be reviewed at the time of application for acceptability.

Q: How does a physician apply for the NYMGMA discount?

A:  Eligible physicians (new or existing MLMIC policyholders) with better than average claims experience can apply for the discount by completing a brief e-app found here:

Q: Does this program require joint defense?

A: No, there is no joint defense requirement.

Q: If I have a MLMIC Broker that I currently work with do I have to change brokers to join the program and get the discount?

A: No, the NYMGMA RPG Preferred Savings Program is open to all MLMIC Brokers. You do not have to change brokers to apply for and receive this discount.

Q: Once I am approved to receive the NYMGMA RPG discount, when will the discount become effective?

A: The discount will become effective the day after MLMIC’s Underwriting Department receives an approved application.

Q: If I am a current MLMIC insured how soon can I apply?

A:  New MLMIC policyholders with an effective date of on or after January 1, 2023, can apply up to 90 days prior to their effective date.

Current MLMIC policyholders with a renewal date of on or after January 1, 2023, are invited to apply 90 days prior to their effective date.

Q: As the administrator can I apply on my physician’s behalf?

A: Yes

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact:

Jenn Negley, Risk Strategies, 267-251-2233

Patricia Mozzillo, MLMIC Insurance Company; 516-508-4168

Or your MLMIC Broker.

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