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MGMA’s mission is to serve members, customers, and the healthcare community as a trusted partner by delivering insights, solutions, and advocacy to achieve medical practice excellence.   Fulfilling our mission is critically more important this year than ever before. We are here to help medical practices survive the rapidly changing landscape faced by our industry as well as strengthen a sustainable medical practice that will succeed into the future.  In response to our ever-changing industry and as the certifying body for standards of excellence in medical practice, the American College of Medical Practice Executive (ACMPE) identified the need to update the Body of Knowledge (BOK) for medical practice administration.

Based on certification standards from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), we conducted an extensive survey analysis of our industry and gathered insights from subject matter experts representative of our membership’s entire demographic to identify and prioritize the critical tasks of our profession. This data was used to identify key subject areas, or domains, and create the corresponding tasks under each domain. This transpired to a new BOK framework covering the updated domains of Operations Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Transformative Healthcare Delivery, Risk and Compliance, and Organizational Governance.

As the healthcare industry and medical practice evolves and changes, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) is committed to continually reviewing and updating our resources and examinations related to the Body of Knowledge to ensure that content remains current and relevant and our certification program continues to serve as the gold standard for medical practice expertise.  

Some benefits of board certification:

  • Demonstrates your broad knowledge of medical practice management
  • Enhances your professional status by earning a nationally recognized professional designation
  • Provides a distinct advantage over other candidates when seeking employment and promotions
  • Assists you in demanding more salary, on average, than non-certified professionals
  • Expands your network of medical practice executives who have chosen to excel in the profession
  • The board certification exam assesses your:
    • Knowledge and understanding of the broad scope of medical practice management principles and issues
    • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
    • Ability to communicate in writing
    • Oral communication skills

ACMPE board certified professionals enjoy:

  • Professional respect from physicians, peers and colleagues
  • Increased earning and career potential
  • Leading many of the nation’s best-performing medical practices

Fellows are members of ACMPE who have chosen to advance beyond board certification. Fellowship (FACMPE) is the highest level of distinction in the medical management field.

The Body of Knowledge

The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management is the most comprehensive, authoritative resource for those who seek to assess and develop their skills and knowledge in this profession. Every profession possesses a body of knowledge representing the entirety of information about that profession. It’s one way that professionals establish their claim to an expertise that deserves recognition. The Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management represents just such an achievement. It defines and legitimizes the unique knowledge and skill set for the medical practice management profession. It helps set the standards that preserve the profession’s integrity and promote its growth.

The new Body of Knowledge will focus on key factors, with resources available such as:

Operations Management

  • General Practice Operations, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Asset Management, Facility Management, Business Ventures, Information Technology, Communications, Marketing and Community Relations Plans, Productivity, Compensation, and Monitoring Benchmarks for Providers, and Quality Initiatives

Financial Management

  • Revenue Cycle, Cash Flow Management, Accounts Payable Management, Payroll Management, Budget Creation and Management, Financial Reporting, Audit Management, and Corporate Tax Reporting

Human Resource Management

  • Clinical and Nonclinical Staffing Plans, Clinical and Nonclinical Staffing Recruitment, Labor Relations and Employment Law, Staff Compensation and Benefit Plans, Talent Management, Employee Engagement

Transformative Healthcare Delivery

  • Care Models, Payment Models, Organizational Models, Innovation and Emerging Technologies

Risk and Compliance Management

  • Facilitate the corporate legal structure and the governance for the organization, Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, Accreditation, credentialing, and licensing, Emergency Preparedness, and Cybersecurity

Organizational Governance

  • Corporate Mission, Vision, and Values, Organizations Legal Structure and Governance, and Organizational Policy and Procedure

For additional information, please access a FAQ page.

To apply for board certification and work toward obtaining the CMPE credential, you must:

  • Be a current MGMA member.
  • Pay a one-time $250 application fee A link to both an online and downloadable PDF application will be emailed to you upon payment.
  • Submit your completed application form, along with documentation of two years of healthcare management experience, including at least six months in a supervisory role. NOTE: Starting January 1, 2019, applicants will need a bachelor’s degree or 120 college credit hours to apply.

Once you have fulfilled the qualifications and MGMA has verified your professional experience, you will be notified of your acceptance.

After program acceptance, you will need to fulfill three requirements to earn your CMPE credential. These requirements can be completed in the order that works for you:

  • Pass a multiple choice exam - This 175-item, multiple-choice exam assesses your on-the-job knowledge of the broad scope of group practice management principles and practices as described in the six domains of the Body of Knowledge for Medical Practice Management.
  • Pass a scenario-based exam - This exam assesses in-depth knowledge of medical practice management principles, problem-solving and decision-making skills a candidate would need to handle and resolve real-world medical practice issues.
  • Earn 50 hours of continuing education (CE) - You can start earning CE 30 days prior to your nominee acceptance date through a variety of qualifying activities. CE credit can also be earned during your exam preparation and after passing the exams.

For more information about the exams, applicable fees and upcoming exam registration dates, visit our ACMPE examination page.

The CMPE Certification Exam will reflect the new Body of Knowledge. Specifically:

  • Operations Management: 25%
      • 43 Multiple Choice Questions 22 Scenario Based Questions
  • Financial Management: 25%
      • 44 Multiple Choice Questions 23 Scenario Based Questions
  • Human Resource Management: 15%
      • 26 Multiple Choice Questions 14 Scenario Based Questions
  • Transformative Healthcare Delivery: 13%
      • 23 Multiple Choice Questions 12 Scenario Based Questions
  • Risk and Compliance Management: 12%
      • 21 Multiple Choice Questions 11 Scenario Based Questions
  • Organizational Governance: 10%
      • 18 Multiple Choice Questions 8 Scenario Based Questions

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